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I wrote most of these essays over a five year period when I served as a column editor for English Journal. During that time, I slowly began to understand how the worlds of the humanities and STEM were far more intertwined than I ever realized.

Here’s what I suggest: Spend some time in the coming days reading through How English Teachers Will Save the World. Start with the “Introduction” no matter what. Then browse at will. Each essay should only take 10 minutes to read at most. 

As you read, you might find this question helpful to keep in mind: How might the worlds of STEM and the humanities be more intertwined than I might have imagined? 

Then, in about a week, I will send you the first in a series of weekly emails about using literary data to explore and enjoy books. 

But don’t worry. We’ll have some fun with it. I’ll focus on the Harry Potter book series to start. (Is “Harry Plotter” too punny?) 

Alright for now. Enjoy How English Teachers Will Save the World! And I’ll knock again on your inbox in about a week. 

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