Taking Action

OK, so we worked together a bit and hopefully you are all jazzed up about the potential for computationality in your classroom, school, or district. But now what?

Now: Take action. Here’s how.

1. Explore Plotting Plots, newsletter, & download free ELA guide

2. Like the Plotting Plots Facebook Page

3. Ping a colleague in your school & district; make a squad

  • Right now: think of a colleague or two who you believe would enjoy talking about compuatational methods in the teaching of EAL
  • OK. Got them?
  • Send them a message with a link to this website and set a time to get together to discuss it

4. Read more on computationality in K-12 CS and ELA by Tom

Select Books

Select Articles

5. Take Tom’s “Much Ado About K-12 CS” course

If you found value in our work together, you might really enjoy my self-paced online course. You can learn or revisit key concepts and methods as often as you like. Check it out for yourself!

6. Connect with me on social media so we can stay in touch

The easiest way to stay in touch is by connecting with Tom and Plotting Plots via the channels below!

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